Wednesday, May 25, 2016


  From the first day of the revolution, Fidel Castro and his Soviet allies have been our sworn enemy with their goal to defeat their horrible neighbors from the north ("The Evil Gringos"). Have we forgotten that Castro wanted to attack America with nukes?

  Our Cuban neighbors have fomented an evil revolution that raped, maimed, jailed and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents throughout our Hemisphere and around the world, all in the name of a perverted social justice.

  The Cuban government has proven over and over that when they have money, their international adventures get bolder, their atrocities increase, their iron grip on the Cuban people becomes tighter and the rhetoric becomes louder.

  Communist Cuba is financed with hand outs from well meaning left leaning countries to fellow American hating countries that want nothing better than to see the collapse of the United States of America.

  Did you know that the United States is now Communist Cuba's largest food and medicine supplier? (as long as they pay for it in hard currency)
 Why then are the people still starving?
 Why can't they get a simple aspirin?
 Could it be that they are re-selling these goods to the unsuspecting foreign tourists for monetary gain?

 These criminals also do business with many major foreign companies from all over the world and somehow manage to miss-manage and steal these companies blind. (Cuba owns and controls 51% of all foreign businesses)

 Their main problem is that they don't pay their bills, all they want is a (no limit) American Credit Card and all of you anti-embargoists want to deal with these crooks?

 Some of the people that want to end the embargo will innocently insist that lifting the embargo will help to open up Cuba to democracy, which is laughable at best, they would only subsidize Cuba's already corrupt communist system and perpetually keep them in power.

 They have continued to trample on the defenseless mass of desperate people with threats of harassment, beatings, imprisonment and executions if they don't comply with every command from the communist government.

  Fidel and Raul Castro shamelessly blame The United States and the embargo for the collapse of the Cuban economy. That would be funny if it wasn't so tragic, these men lie through their teeth and they know it!
Why are we ignoring the fact that Cuba has been open for business to the rest of the world since the start of the Revolution?
Instead of opening the democratic door of ideas, they have instead clamped down hard in their brutal repression of the Cuban people and not the openness that you would like to think.

  Cuba's economic destruction was caused by the dictatorship's horrible economic policies, specifically the 1976 constitution which prohibits private enterprise and ownership of property, that act completely destroyed the free market in Cuba and brought economic growth to a complete stop.
 It's easier to say, "let's lift the embargo" when it doesn't involve the country that gave you birth, your family members killed because they disagreed with the government or the separation of grandmother and grandfather, mother and father, sons and daughters, sometimes to never see them again.

  I am a proud Cuban-American that owes everything to this, the greatest country in the history of the world, but I'm not about to turn my back on my birth country when the end of that brutal regime is so near.

  Have we gotten so money hungry that we can just look the other way and reward a murderer with business as usual for a job well done?

  What's right is right and that will never change as long as there are people with Honor and Dignity left in this world to fight evil and injustice.....................

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