Saturday, May 28, 2016


 There is a strong reason why many are afraid of Mitt Romney, and one of the big reasons is because he can win. The latest poll numbers are a testament to the hard work and the ethical way that Governor Mitt Romney does business. 

Governor Romney does not and will not not work for the #1 cable network (Fox News) that features, promotes and exposes both Gov. Sarah Palin and Gov. Mike Huckabee daily to the conservative Republican masses and in spite of these disadvantages Governor Mitt Romney is consistently ahead or close to the top in all of the Republican and national presidential polls, all of this with minimum exposure by the same media.

Governor Romney has raised more money, out endorsed, given to more Republican candidates and campaigned for more Republican candidates than PalinHuckabee and Pawlenty combined and yet this is not reported by the Mainstream Media (which also includes Fox News).

Fox News gave to each of its potential favorite possible candidates (not including Governor Mitt Romney) hefty salaries with favorable prime time shows and appearances. (Advertisers would have spent about $22 million for screen time given to Governor Mike Huckabee, who is the only candidate to host his own regular Fox News program.
 Former Speaker Newt Gingrich's appearances would have been worth almost $6 million to advertisers, and Governor Sarah Palin's would have cost them approximately $5 million. 
Senator Rick Santorum's advertising equivalency is about $4.19 million, while (former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton's would have cost just under 3 million.... 

 Why are they daily pushing and promoting Sarah Palin as the leader of the Republican Party who consistently finishes third on these polls?

 Why are they pushing a very damaged Mike Huckabee? (he never met a criminal he didn't pardon.)

 Why is that happening and why is it so blatant?
Could the big secret be that they all secretly want anyone but Romney running against The anointed One, President Barrack Hussein Obama? 

 Is there a consensus on both sides that President Obama could beat everyone in the Republican side except for Governor Romney? Hmmmm I wonder...........

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