Saturday, May 28, 2016


 The mind of the average American Citizen is so focused on their everyday life that unfortunately our political process suffers every time we have to elect a new President of The United States and because of this, more times that we would want, our ignorance blatantly hurts us in not getting the most qualified candidate for this very important job.

  As we speak, our nation's capitalist system is in danger of collapsing (some say on purpose) and the need for qualified leadership is desperately needed to lead us out of the great mess that we are in. Specifically when dealing with the fiscal catastrophe that is threatening to bring down our precious way of life.

  How is it that we get some of these people for this all important job of President of the United States?
Well let's see, John F. Kennedy was elected because of his Father's money, connections and of course his looks, Lyndon B. Jonson was elected because he was Kennedy's Vice-President, Richard M. Nixon was elected because they put a Socialist (McGovern) to run against him, Jimmy Carter because he was running against Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan (sometimes we get lucky) because he ran against Carter, George H.W. Bush because he was Reagan's Vice-President, Bill Clinton because he had the gift of gab (Great B.S.), George W. Bush because he was not Al Gore and finally, Barack Hussein Obama because he could read a teleprompter and because he was Black.

 Has anybody been elected because they were the most qualified?

  Folks, we are hurting as a Nation, our priorities are questioned, our division within the parties are widening, and there is a strong probability that we could go the Greek way and go bankrupt. What are we going to do next, elect another unqualified and inexperienced community organizer as president?
  In America, where all teachers, lawyers, doctors and engineers have to earn their college degrees and pass rigorous tests in their field to even be considered for their specific job. Shouldn't you in the least have to know how many states there are in the Union? Why don't we have the same standards for our elected officials?

 What an ideal concept would be if somebody was elected simply because they were the most able and qualified to actually do the job of the presidency, unfortunately the next election for President of The United States will continue as always to be decided by money, ideology, looks, and the gift of gab. 

 This is no longer a game where we can keep selecting unqualified people to play the part of president, this time the stakes are higher and the times demand that we select the most able for the sake of our survival.

  In Governor Mitt Romney, we finally had the right man at the right time for the right job.

Not only is he known by many business leaders, including Jim Cramer as the "best businessman in America" but he has also been called by CNN's Left leaning Piers Morgan as "the most ethical and cleanest politician in America".

  He has proven his worth as a Father, Husband, Governor, and a great Business leader.  Governor Romney is mostly known as someone who knows how to turn bad situations into good. He excelled as Governor of Massachusetts where he balanced the troubled budget without raising taxes. He also turned around the troubled Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002 where he inherited a deficit of  $379 million and turned it into a $100 million dollar profit, but his best achievement of all as Anne Romney so eloquently stated many times was his job as a loving husband and father.

  In my book the choice was clear in 2012, but because of Bigotry, apathy from our own party, an unforgiving far left media and many irregularities in the polls, we lost that great opportunity to elect Romney and save this country. 

 It is apparent now more than ever that only Mitt Romney can do what needs to be done. He is as ready as they come and in my opinion the most qualified to deal with the catastrophe that is facing us today. He is exactly what we need if we hope to give our children the kind of future that our forefathers fought so hard to give us. We failed America in 2012, we can't fail this time around. Too much is at stake. 


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