Wednesday, May 25, 2016


  How mind blowing is it that after 300 years of the most successful and fruitful economic system (Capitalism) in the history of mankind, that we now have the audacity to be experimenting with a system that has proven over and over to be a colossal failure, all of course under the guise of social justice also known as Socialism. Even with it's best intentions and the greatest liberal minds at their disposal, this albatross of a system keeps destroying countries, each and every time. 

 President Barack Obama's brand of Socialism consists of "sharing the wealth". The Democrat administration and our imbecile President are literately changing the Constitution to suit their liberal goals for their ultimate and unattainable paradise.

 Under the present Leftist, Liberal or Progressive administration (whatever they want to call themselves that day), the middle class and the poor are struggling more and more just to make ends meet. 
The Socialism that our President is trying to cram down our throats is creating such a huge gap between rich and poor that it is also eliminating the middle class in the process. 
No matter how much they would want to sugar coat it, they have to steal hard earned money from the people that make it in order to pay the people that don't.

 President Obama's idea of a Social Utopia to benefit the poor is simply not working. There is no doubt in my mind of what will happen to this once great country if we continue to make the same stupid mistakes that have failed in the past.

 There is one reason and one reason only of why most Americans support this clearly incompetent Socialist President, it is because he is the first black president. They are so invested in trying to keep his fake legacy of a great president that they must defend him at all costs (regardless of all of his failures) to save the all mighty image that blacks can make good presidents. In other words, he can do no wrong! That is a cruel and unfortunate shame.... All for a LEGACY!

 We see his legacy building all over the place, like Obama care, gay marriage, wide open borders, legalizing drugs, establishing relations with terrorist nations like Iran, Cuba, and The Muslim Brotherhood, arming ISIS, turning his back on Israel, and countless of other life changing scenarios. 

The ignorant masses of welfare recipients, illegal aliens, most Blacks and Latinos, Liberals, the freaks, druggies, ex-cons, Communists and the fanatical far left will continue to support this failed president as long as he delivers their all important paid by us goodies. Bottom line, as long as the president and others like him continue to give these leaches of society what they want, they will not only continue to back his ineffective and corrupt government but proclaim him as the best president ever.

 There it is Folks, this is what I see and feel. America is in a big field of quicksand and is going down quickly, all to keep President Obama's legacy intact.

 Our fate and future of our once proud and great republic is in our hands. Our future as dim as it looks depends on what we do to from now on. We need to stand up, grow some cojones and let everyone know of what is really going on in America.... and if they don't hear you, then yell at the top of your lungs, so they do hear you. There is no more time to waste Folks, America needs us and needs us now..............

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