Wednesday, May 25, 2016


  On behalf of The President of The United States Barack Obama, and all of his adoring and fierce supporters, I want to take this time to thank all who had a part in re-electing President Barack Hussein Obama to his second term as President of The United States. I not only want to thank the Communists, the perverts, Socialists, America haters, illegal aliens, Liberals, freeloaders, abortionists, African-Americans, prison inmates, The Porn Industry, Hollywood Liberals, career criminals, gay marriage proponents, Anarchists, child molesters, outlaw regimes, welfare recipient professionals, Islamic radicals, and the illegal drug industry, who went out in masses to protect their piece of the pie and of course their all important free give a-ways......... But, I especially want to strongly thank many of the Conservative Right who saw so clearly in the errors of electing an honest and decent man (Mitt Romney), but nevertheless a Mormon as our President.
Thank You Very Much!!!!!! -------------    NOT!!!!!!!!!
 Do any of you that refused to vote for whatever reason have any idea what damage you have done to this country? Any clue on what you all gave up because of your selfishness?
So your candidate did not win the nomination and for that, you are protesting........Waaaah! 
The nominee said something mean about your candidate, and you are really pissed........ Waaah! 
The nominee just happens to worship God in a different way than you............ Waaah!
The nominee said something different 15 years ago and now has changed his mind, Waaah!
The nominee pushed a kid 55 years ago in grade school, he is now unfit to be president.......... Waaah! 
 How can any of you who stayed home on election day as a sign of protest, look yourself in the mirror? 
Yes, you all know who I am talking about. Your intolerance, bigotry, ignorance and stupid pride cost us the election. You messed up really big guys, the country is headed in the wrong direction and there is no stopping the Liberals now. (You just gave those leaches Carte-Blanche to do whatever they want). 
The way we led our lives as we knew it........ is over. All of you might have well just pulled the lever for Obama!
               HOW in Gods name COULD YOU?
 We as Conservatives are supposed to be about family, God and Country. Why give all of that away? 
 I am so disheartened and ashamed of what some of you have done. We had our chance, maybe our last and like a bunch of sorry whinny losers, we just gave it away. 
 We now, hopefully have a chance to undo the damage that we as supposed patriotic and concerned citizens did to our country on the day of the last election. We actually get a second chance, we have a chance for redemption!  We are in a clear and present path to our ultimate destruction and nothing will stop the demise of this great republic, unless we as a group unite and end this nation destroying nightmare.
 Again....... the presidential elections are just around the country and we cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that plagued us the last time around.  
Could we PLEASE vote for America this time around? Could we please quit your whining and crying just because your favorite candidate is not the Republican nominee? Unless we are united and work together to defeat our enemies, we will continue to lose any hope for a positive change that will make us great again. 
 United and only united can we finally win, but If we continue to act like a bunch of immature babies with the same crap that keeps us divided (like the last 2 times around)........we will continue to lose. 
 We need to pledge to unite and support whoever we as a group choose in our primary process. Whomever it turns out to be. Whether it's Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Kasich or even Mitt Romney. 
 The failure to unite and support the winner of our Republican Presidential Primary will surely give the Democrats another four years of power. This will surely give them the ability to name more liberal supreme court justices (like Obama) assuring Obama's destructive policies to continue destroying America for once and for all........... 

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