Saturday, May 28, 2016


 Many of America's finest leaders are now saying no to running for public office, they are saying no to slander of their good name and vicious personal attacks on their family (as Sarah Palin has found out) to having to address some stupid and innocent things that they might have said or done as a young adolescent.

 But politics is now a bad word for many honest and decent Americans who won't even consider serving because of the outrageous and libelous assaults they and their families could endure.
Is there is nothing sacred left in American Politics?

 It used to be that anyone born in The United States could one day grow up and become president, it is what many idealistic young aspiring youths used to dream about, it was their calling, their desire and their duty, what happened?

  Many great leaders such as Colin Powell, Mitch Daniels, Haley Barbor, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin have in practicality decided against running for the office of president because of the cruel nature and the toll it would take for them personally and for their innocent families.

 One of the few that has the guts to run and face the wolves is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney of whom CNN's Piers Morgan calls "the most ethical and cleanest politician in America"

 In Governor Romney we have the true conservative family man who happens to lead a true conservative lifestyle that most social conservatives would envy, you can be assured that NO HIDDEN SCANDALS would ever demean and embarrass this honorable man, his family or his country.
He is a natural born leader with a gifted ability to turn bad situations into positive and brilliant successes and has the many qualities that we are looking for as our country's president.

 But, be careful, did you know that Romney is one of them slimy Mormons?
Did you know that he wears magic underwear?
Did you know that Governor Huckabee says that Romney believes in The Devil?
He also believes in killing babies, murderer!
The worst part is that  he invented, supported and directed Obama Care, he in fact should replace Joe Biden as Obama's Vice President, he is a big time flip-flopper and one of them dirty and disgusting R.I.N.O.S., TRAITOR! You would have thought that he had fangs and horns on top of his head.

 Folks, I don't mind when reporters or even political opponents dig into any politician's past and try to find out what kind of person you really are and who they are voting for, including who you hung out with, what you have written and even what you had for breakfast, it is part of the process.

 But in order to make politics desirable once again for our future and qualified leaders, we must put some ethical guidelines for the Main-Stream-Media as well as all politicians as a rule to follow.
Religious bigotry, political lies and generalities must not be allowed to continue and the perpetrators of these malicious attacks must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

 One of the tactics used in today's American political world is to keep repeating known lies until they become true in the minds of the majority, they will eventually stick in the minds of many forever branding you and your family as something evil that you are not and no matter how much you try to clear your name it is in practicality too late, the damage is done and sometimes the damage lasts forever.

 As decent, ethical and devoted family man Governor Romney is, he has changed his mind on some issues but it was some time ago, heck even I have changed my mind on many important and moral issues throughout my life.
Wow, does that make me a bad person and a creep?
Am I a flip-flopper? I guess I am, big time!

Can any of us in reality say that we have led the perfect life?
Tell me that you have, make me believe you and I will call you The Messiah, for only Jesus was perfect.
Do you really want to throw stones?
Have you ever changed your mind on anything?
We should all take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves those same questions and if you have, does that make you a flip-flopper? Are you slime? A piece of manure?

 America is becoming a place where some of the greatest minds and leaders will not seek public office and only then we will wonder why we get so many perverted, unethical, unqualified and dis-honest politicians...........

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