Saturday, May 28, 2016


 The soul and survival of The United States of America as we know it rests in the hands of the Republican party and it's representatives. Oh yes, it's the same party that four years ago turned their backs on the American people that trusted and elected them.

 As much as I liked President George W. Bush, he and the Republican party as a whole really blew it with the American people, they simply stopped listening to the screaming masses of desperate citizens that wanted a real Conservative change. From insulting over-spending of moneys we just didn't have to the perverts masquerading as conservatives. 

 The inadequate representation of our leaders led to the lack of defense of our moral and religious rights to the constant attack of our conservative values, we couldn't even control our own borders! 

 We were ridiculed, patronized and made to feel unimportant, and in the end the "we know better than you crowd" of our party gave us an unwanted candidate in John McCain. It was us who facilitated our defeat, and the rise of American Socialism. Simple as that!

 With George Soros's help and the American people's dissatisfaction of Republican handling of our government and promises of hope and change, Barack Hussein Obama was elected President of The United States.

 Since duping many Americans into voting for him, President Obama has shown his real radical intentions in which he is hell bent on reshaping our country into his idealistic Socialist model. 

 The once proud Democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson has not only been infiltrated but has been taken over by Soros and his far left fanatics Their radical Socialist agenda is on it's way to making America vulnerable to our enemies by tearing us down from within.

 Folks,  as painful as it may be, we just can't afford to do business as usual anymore in Washington, we need to fix what seems to be unfixable and do what has to be done.
We must do more than like our candidates, we must be sure that they are qualified and be ready and able to do what they have to do, regardless of the consequences.
 We now have an outstanding and completely capable conservative candidate in Mitt Romney who I believe is willing to do what it takes, even if it costs him re-election four years down the line.
We cannot go on with business as usual, this is it!

 In November, we are going to have to unite and throw all the
bums out, clean house and start anew. We must do our 
homework and we must do it well.
 We have one last chance to get this country back on tract to the way our founding fathers intended and this time the Republican Party better get the message, this is their last chance to get it right because if they fail us again, they might not get another chance....................

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