Wednesday, May 25, 2016


 Why do illegal aliens including Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists have the same rights under our constitution as law abiding American Citizens? 
 We can have terrorist groups, Communists and Nazis march down the streets of Washington and we have to accept it because they have the same rights as us?
Why do child molesting perverts have the same rights as our children?

 Why can pub
lic figures get slandered and it is protected under the first Amendment?
Why can The Westboro Baptist Church's deranged members protest, malign and insult the memories of our brave fallen heroes in their own burials?
Why is God not allowed in our Schools?
Why do we have to allow some idiot the right to burn our precious American Flag?
Why can't I put a Nativity Scene in a Public Place?
 I live in the greatest country in the world, yes I live in the United States of America, the beacon of freedom and the hope of millions of people throughout the world for more than 300 years. For many generations many American heroes sacrificed their precious lives and died defending that ideal concept of freedom where we are free to speak freely without penalty.
We are also free to practice our religion regardless of who likes it or not. We also have the right to aspire to greater heights making the sky the limit in order to advance yourself and your family in the so called American dream.
But................ could it be that our same freedoms that has made this country great also be the pathway for our demise?

There is now a movement that wants to abolish one of this once great country's greatest safeguard, The Patriot Act. We are at war people! Has the desire for personal freedom taken us to a path of predictable self destruction?

 We are facing many dangers, including facing a new enemy in the new age of computers, our most important national secrets are no longer safe (Wiki-Leaks, China, Russia, etc........), our technology and our many national security secrets crucial to our defense are being compromised by our enemies and our ability to protect our families and feel safe within our homes are also being threatened by predators going after our own innocent children.

  Americans are sometimes caught napping in certain crucial moments throughout it's glorious history. From the brutal surprise attack on Pearl Harbor to the murderous attacks on American soil on 9/11. The zeal to live a peaceful existence seems to always be our biggest mistake, it seems that every-time we put our guard down we become more vulnerable, almost seemingly inviting attack from our enemies.

Folks, sleeper Al-Qaeda and ISIS cells are already here planning and waiting for their glorious moments of Jihad where they will gladly kill innocent men, women and children for their Allah. These animals will strap on their bomb laden backpacks and target malls, theaters, supermarkets, busy streets, damns, trains, airplanes, nuclear power plants, school buses etc, etc and give their worthless miserable lives for the sake of a warped and misguided religion.

 This awesome idea of absolute freedom in our country that has worked so well for over three hundred years is now in jeopardy of destroying our country because these same freedoms are cleverly being used by our enemies to undermine our safety and security, they exploit our strengths and use the same rights to kill us.

Can we please stop the madness before it's too late?

 The time has come for us to get our heads out of the sand and demand that we be protected from all this scum, we need to stop trying to be perfect and start fighting for our survival as a great nation, even if it means scaling back on some of these rights.

Do we have the cojones and the will to do what is necessary to survive?  Only time and a will to sacrifice will tell..............

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